Sunday, June 5, 2011

Bose iPod Docking Troubleshooting

If your Bose ipod Dock is not running effectively in the course of use, you may possibly want to contemplate some troubleshooting remedies. The Bose SoundDock plays the songs on your ipod, and also fees the ipod although it is on the SoundDock. SoundDocks arrive with a universal dock adapter that will in shape most iPods, Bose recommends making use of the customized dock adapter that Apple gives with each and every ipod obtain.

Drop of Sound

Get rid of your ipod from the dock. Wait five seconds. Spot the ipod back again into the dock; make positive the ipod is sitting in the dock securely.

Press "Play" on the remote or ipod. If you nevertheless have no sound, verify to make positive the quantity is up on the SoundDock.

Unplug the method and wait a moment to let the method to reset. Plug the SoundDock back again in and press "Play."

Reduction of Remote Capabilities

Stand in front of the dock and make positive there are no obstructions involving you and the SoundDock receiver. Press any button on the remote to see if the ipod responds.

Exchange the battery by turning the cover somewhat to the left with a coin. Soon after taking out the outdated battery of the remote, Spot the new battery in with the "+" indication going through up. Spot the cover back again on the remote by turning to the appropriate with a coin, check the remote.

Unplug the method and wait a moment. Plug the technique back again in and check the remote once again.

Not Charging

Get rid of the ipod from the dock.

Verify the ipod and dock connectors to make confident there is no buildup of dust or particles. Blow lightly on the connecters to Get rid of any dust.

Area the ipod into the dock with mild strain. Verify to make certain the ipod is correctly set into the dock. Your ipod really should now demonstrate the battery charging.

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